The 31 years old Argentinean defender of Newcastle United Fabricio Coloccini has become a key player of the Premier league team ever since he made his arrival to the club back in 2008 but things are about to take a turn for him after his wife Natalia Coloccini delivered a series of messages in her twitter account stating that she left England and moved back to Argentina with their 2 children.

One of the tweets has been translated as saying: ‘The heart always has a limit when the heart says enough there is no going back’, while another one says: ‘We ignored each other until we became strangers with shared memories.’

Her most recent tweet says: ‘These are my wings, just have to fly, let go of things that no longer belong to you. My heart is hanging from your hands.’

Another says: ‘I love him even though I know I have to forget him I’m frightened to think about life without him, so many years good or bad I cannot change them.’

Fabricio Coloccini has wanted to make a move back to his hometown Argentina since 2012 but the move was blocked by the manager Alan Pardew and owner Mike Ashley and the defender ultimately had to settle staying with the club but now with his personal life getting a little more complicated than before Newcastle United have a tough battle ahead of them if they want to keep Fabricio any longer.

He has already said that he feels homesick and thanked San Lorenzo in their attempts on signing him some time ago. Coloccini played in San Lorenzo when he was a youngster but the Argentinean club did not make any cash offer for the player and it was eventually shut down by Newcastle as they did not and still don’t want to let go one of their star players.

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