FabricioColoccini might be leaving Newcastle over the summer

Newcastle is expected to be holding talks with San Lorenzo over the transfer of FabricioColoccini during the summer.

It is reported that the Argentinian club might be interested in signing the defender. The player is currently on contract until 2017.

Coloccini has stated that he wants to go to San Lorenzo during the summer. He said that he wanted to return to Argentine football and that he would love to play again in his country. However, he said that he respected the Newcastle fans for what they have given him and also their support.

Many pundits believe that Newcastle will be better off allowing Coloccini to leave the club. For some years now the player has seemed to be lacking motivation and that his head is elsewhere. Letting Coloccini leave will be the best solution for both the team and the player as well.

It is unlikely that Rafael Benitez will want to hold on to a player that clearly does not want to play for the team again. The Spanish manager will want to bring changes at the team as they seek to build a serious promotion push.

Playing in the Championship is never easy, and Newcastle will only want to keep only players that are determined to play for the team. Benitez has said that he will only sign players that will improve the team and also ready to put in a fight whenever needed.

FabricioColoccini joined the club in 2008 and had managed 248 appearances for the Magpies so far. However since a few years, his performance has been in decline and many fans have made their frustration known.

Coloccini believes that it is high time for him to return to Argentina and he said that he will want to end his career there.

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