Fabricio Coloccini was back again to lead New Castle in their match against Black burn and was welcomed with open hearts. This Argentinean who missed the match against Brighton and Hove Albion due to a groin injury is back in the game and is perfectly fit and fine to take on the next set of opponents.

The New Castle manager has even said in his report that there is nothing to worry about as Captain Fabricio Coloccini has practiced for 2 days and is sure to make an impact with his game. Let’s hope that there is a new vigor brought to the game which will eventually help Newcastle to perform better against its opponents. He has gone through immense practice during the last two days and now it’s time to put himself to the test of his skills by performing on the field. It is indeed important to finally make his team proud by giving an excellent performance considering the fact that he has been quite an inspiration and support to the team and has helped them during times of need.

Everyone in the team is quite happy to see Fabricio Coloccini back in action as this gives quite a ray of hope for New Castle to win their next few matches and in turn rise up the point’s board. The team has decided to let the chain of events flow as per its normal timing and there is no pressure on Fabricio to perform immediately in the next game. The manager also realizes that Coloccini needs a match to get back into his shape and form and after that there is no looking back as there is success one after the other for the New Castle team.

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