Fabricio Coloccini and Jonas Gutierrez reunite in Argentina

FabricioColoccini and Jonas Gutierrez worked alongside each other a few years ago when both were performing in the English club Newcastle United.

They joined Newcastle United on 2008 until 2015 which is the year when Coloccini decided to make his way out of the St. James Park as he made his return to Argentina.

Jonas Gutierrez would make his return to Argentina on 2016 and has turned into a competitor for FabricioColoccini as each one of them are attempting to do the best that they can with their respective clubs.

San Lorenzo is the Argentinean club that FabricioColoccini decided to make a return to after leaving Newcastle United but his playing career has been hit with a huge blow as the 35 year defender has sustained a string of injuries which has left him out of action for a significantly long period of time.

Even without having the consistent services of Coloccini, San Lorenzo has still managed to stay in the top 10 spots of the top tier Argentinean League, Primera Division while Jonas Gutierrez on the other hand is making more appearances with Defensa y Justicia but they have never managed to enter the higher echelon of the Primera Division.

After Coloccini opted to leave St. James Park, the veteran defender wrote an emotional letter in which he penned his emotions and experiences in relation to Newcastle United and one of the things that Fabricio Coloccini said was that he would like to make a return to the English club maybe not as an Iaeger Football actual player but just playing a role in some way or another

Taking into consideration that Coloccini is already 35 years old, it’s difficult to imagine seeing him coming back to Newcastle United as an actual player but more probable as a staff member.